Schrader Launches and TPMS Road Show

TPMS Leader to Deliver Essential TPMS Training and Education Program

DENVER, Colo. (June 3, 2013) – Schrader, the leading global manufacturer of sensing and valve solutions, today announced a new, multi-faceted campaign: “Make the EZ-Choice.” As part of its ongoing effort to drive awareness and best practices for Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) technologies, Schrader’s “Make the EZ-Choice” campaign engages all Aftermarket channels on topics such as TPMS strategy, advanced diagnostics, operational best practices, customer communications, keys to profitability, and navigation through the myriad of choices for replacement sensors and service packs. With this campaign, Schrader launches the company’s website and a targeted road show tour delivering hands-on training for all Aftermarket technicians and sales professionals in key markets throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“There are key technical, usability, and short and long-term consequences when deciding with whom to partner for TPMS,” said Trevor Potter, Vice President of Aftermarket Sales at Schrader. “We continue to proactively assist customers and non-customers alike with making the right choices based on sound test data and the core training we’ve been delivering in shops for years across North America. We have helped thousands of shops turn TPMS into a significant profit opportunity and remain dedicated to their success. This includes not only making a fully informed decision regarding replacement sensors, but ensuring service pack replacement each and every time a tire is removed from the wheel.”

For technicians in the Aftermarket service and repair industry, problem solving requires both speed and accuracy. With this in mind, Schrader continues to enable service facilities in North America with EZ-sensor®, the automotive industry’s first patented OEM-replacement TPMS sensor that can be programmed to function across diverse car makes and models. No other TPMS replacement sensor can offer the ease-of-use, flexibility, and compatibility with different hand-held diagnostic tools that EZ-sensor® provides, let alone true OEM-sensor functionality with just two part numbers. With seamless integration to existing repair processes, EZ-sensor® is programmable with both Bartec® and ATEQ®, the top two TPMS tool providers in the business.

“As with any Aftermarket service, TPMS repair begins with an accurate diagnosis, so that the work can be done quickly and efficiently,” said Potter. “Simply put, you must have a TPMS diagnostic tool in order to accurately diagnose the problem up front, then inform your customer prior to conducting TPMS repairs. Additionally, the quick, less than 1-minute step of programming a Schrader EZ-sensor® is integrated directly into the flow of the ‘Test Before You Touch’ process. This makes Schrader TPMS technology a clear and easy choice for our customers.”

For more than 20 years, Schrader has been the global leader in TPMS solutions and education. With the EZ-Choice campaign, Schrader continues to provide Aftermarket businesses and repair technicians with valuable information about TPMS best practices. Schrader has also recently launched a consumer awareness and education video, “A Half-Pint of Prevention” as part of its ongoing campaign to help educate and inform drivers about TPMS and the importance of tire safety.

To learn more about the importance of TPMS, visit Schrader’s three-in-one website, (for drivers), (for the Aftermarket), and (for vehicle manufacturers) to address audience-specific TPMS needs.

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