Schrader History


Since 1844, Schrader TPMS Solutions, the global leader in the design and manufacture of TPMS Solutions, has delivered innovative solutions that customers trust.

Founded by German immigrant August Schrader, the company’s humble roots began in a small workshop in Manhattan, New York. A mechanic by trade and an innovator by nature, Schrader saved enough money to purchase the necessary machinery and open his own shop in the spring of 1844. Initially, Schrader developed supply fittings and valves for rubber products like air pillows and life preservers. His inventive nature and a strong interest in diving eventually led him to design and manufacture improved diving helmets and air pumps, catapulting the young company into more than 50 years of success in the dive equipment business.

By 1890, having brought his son, George Schrader, into the business, the senior Schrader’s attention turned to bicycles – specifically the widely popular pneumatic tires. During this time, Schrader and his son developed what would become the company’s most popular and famous invention – the Schrader pneumatic tire valve − the very same valve that is used on every motor vehicle and bicycle in the world today. This pioneering work led to the patent of the tire valve cap and soon after, tire valves for automobiles.

Since the breakthrough inventions of the 1800s, Schrader has continued a proven culture of innovation. MoreSchrader Valves Vintage Ad recently, Schrader pioneered tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). The company’s early devotion to meet and forecast needs of the automotive industry then resulted in pioneering TPMS, a safety feature now standard on all passenger vehicles in the United States, EU, and china. In 1997 Schrader equipped the Corvette C5. As the number one supplier of TPMS sensors and valves worldwide, Schrader’s TPMS systems, components and tools are used by many of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers, and throughout the Aftermarket service and repair communities. In fact, a majority of all global OEM vehicle platforms utilize Schrader direct TPMS technology, with hundreds of millions of Schrader TPMS sensors in operation worldwide. In 2014, Schrader was acquired by Sensata Technologies, one of the world's leading suppliers of sensing, electrical protection, control and power management solutions, giving Sensata a leading position in the global TPMS market.

August Schrader’s pioneering spirit and appetite for invention have remained at the heart of Schrader’s business and practices. While the company’s focus has expanded over the years, August Schrader’s zeal for innovation and the production of high-quality products continues to drive the company forward.