Schrader TPMS Hand Tools

T-20 Torque Tool
T-10 Torque Tool: Part Number 20140
Valve Core Torque Tool: Part Number 20141

Schrader's T-20 Torque Tool Part Number 20145

A pre-set torque tool specially designed for use with TPMS sensors that use a T-20 screw to attach the aluminum valve stem to the sensor body. The T-20 Torx head installs screws to recommended torque for proper sealing and secure installation. 

Schrader's T-10 Torque Tool Part Number 20140

Installs replacement snap-in valves to Schrader OE sensors. T-10 Torx head installs screws to recommended torque for proper sealing and secure installation.

Order individually (one per box). Also, available as a 2-pack, PN #20140-2.

Schrader's Valve Core Torque Tool Part Number 20141

Properly install and remove valve cores with this high quality valve core tool.

  • Tightens valve cores to OE specifications
  • Guards against over or under-torquing
  • Meets Tire and Rim Association (TRA) recommended torque value of 3 – 5 in-lbs on TRC1 valve cores
  • Serves as both a core remover and installer

Schrader's Universal Nut Torque Tool Part Number 20142

Serves as a torque wrench for valve nuts on TPMS installations. Kit includes 11mm and 12mm sockets and T-handle torque wrench with ergonomic design.

Torque range from 30 to 90 in/lbs (one per plastic storage case).

Schrader's Grommet Removal Tool Part Number 20144

This hand tool is designed to safely remove the rubber grommet from the aluminum stem of a TPMS sensor. Receiving hole can be used to install a new grommet (10 per box).

TPMS sensors require specialty hand tools and replacement parts to ensure proper fit and function; Schrader's full-service TPMS program includes all the tools your shop needs for efficient, quality TPMS service.

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