Outils portatifs TPMS de Schrader

Outil de serrage T-20 : Numéro de pièce 20141
Outil dynamométrique T-10 Numéro de pièce 20140
Outil dynamométrique pour le noyau de la valve Numéro de pièce 20141

Tightening Tool T-20: Part Number 20141

A predefined clamping tool specifically designed for use with SSPP sensors that use a T-20 screw to attach the aluminum valve stem to the sensor body. 

  • Installs the screws correctly for a good seal and more security
  • Several head sizes
  • Superior quality of Schrader 

Torque Tool T-10 Part Number 20140

Install the replacement snap-in valves on the original Schrader MD sensors . The Torx T-10 head installs the screws to the recommended tightening for proper sealing and safe installation. 

Torque tool for the core of the valve Part number 20141

Install and properly remove valve cores with this high quality Schrader tool.

  • Tighten the valve cores according to the original specifications
  • Protects against looseness or tightness
  • Meets torque values ​​from 0.34 N · m to 0.56 N · m (3 in. To 5 in. Lbs.) On the TRC1 valve cores recommended by the Tire and Rim Association (TRA).
  • Serves both during installation and removal 

Universal nut tightening tool: Part Number 20142

Serves as a torque wrench for valve nuts installed on TPMS equipment.

  • • Superior quality of Schrader
  • • Ergonomic design
  • • Several sizes of sockets

Kit includes: 11mm and 12mm bushings, T-handle torque wrench and plastic storage case

Grommet Removal Tool: 20144 Part Number

Designed to safely remove the rubber grommet from the aluminum stem of an SSPP sensor. The receiving hole can be used to install a new grommet.

Current tire pressure sensors require specialized tools and replacement parts to ensure proper fit and functionality. Schrader has the TPMS parts and tools required for proper tire service or to repair the damage or effects of prolonged use. Get the best results the first time with the tools and parts you need with Schrader, the industry leader in TPMS.