Schrader's Impact at the North American International Auto Show

The North American International Auto Show is the global stage for automotive manufacturers to debut brand defining vehicles and industry shaping achievements. Over the past two weeks this show has taken place in Detroit and has each year for the past century. This show helps us all remember the rich history of the automotive industry as well as showcasing new innovations for the industry. 

Specifically for Schrader, we are entering our 173rd year of innovating products for tire Auto Showapplications. Our specialty, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), has helped keep vehicles on the road longer and ensure driver safety. We launched our first tire pressure monitoring system in 1997 on the Chevrolet® C5 Corvette and Plymouth© Prowler platforms. The NAIAS is a time for us to look at the impact of our contributions to the industry. 

With over 54% of Original Equipment vehicles having our TPMS solutions installed directly on the manufacturing line, we continue to play a major role in the growth of the industry. Our Original Equipment Replacement TPMS sensors are OE quality and match the same technology that is being installed when vehicles are on the assembly line. The life span of a TPMS sensor is 10-12 years or 100,000 miles and require replacement after this period of time. OE Replacement TPMS sensors offer a plug and play solution for shops to easily fix damaged systems. 

Our revolutionary programmable solution for aftermarket TPMS, the EZ-sensor®, can be programmed to service 96% of vehicles equipped with a TPMS system. This allows shops to service a majority of vehicles that come into their shop while stocking a single SKU. The faraday design enclosure has undergone 7 generations of technological advances and is the OE protocol for many vehicles on the road. 

As the leading OE TPMS supplier, we have proven our trusted solutions for the automotive industry. We are proud to support all 28 automotive manufacturers exhibiting at this year’s auto show with reliable solutions for enhancing driver safety.

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