Programming vs. Relearning

TPMS Programming vs TPMS Relearning: There is a Difference!


EZ-sensor® comes BLANK and must be programmed to the specific MMY of the vehicle being serviced using a compatible programming tool. Once an EZ-sensor® is programmed, it functions the same way as the Original Equipment sensor for that specific vehicle.


A relearn is required any time a NEW sensor ID is introduced to the vehicle or when the tires are rotated. The vehicle's ECU records the 4 (or 5) sensor IDs so that:

  • The unique IDs installed on the vehicle are correctly recognized by the vehicle's ECU.
  • On vehicles with the pressure by location function, the ECU can display the correct wheel location of each tire's press.

Using a properly formatted scan tool, relearn the sensor IDs to the vehicle's ECU. The tool will wake up or "ping" each sensor, one at a time and store the sensor's individual IDs.

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