TPMS Industry Awareness

New Comprehensive TPMS Resource Now Available Online

Educational Web site addresses industry-specific needs, questions and concerns.

DENVER, Co. (April 13, 2010) − Schrader® today announced its sponsorship of a new online industry resource that addresses the specific TPMS needs of aftermarket retailers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and drivers. Developed after extensive research among a broad range of industry experts and drivers, the site approaches TPMS from the three distinct perspectives and with an objective lens.

“Two years into full TPMS compliance there are still many questions about TPMS among industry and drivers,” said Carl Wacker, vice president of Global Sales and Marketing at Schrader. “We are sponsoring this industry initiative as more TPMS-equipped vehicles come onto the roadways every year in the U.S. and as TPMS adoption spreads globally.”

The three-in-one interactive site includes a variety of industry-focused site content:

  • provides interactive training resources, case studies, POS materials and more to help aftermarket retailers and repair technicians successfully integrate TPMS service, and
  • offers objective technology insight, industry reports and other technical data to assist OEMs with purchasing decisions.

In addition to these resources, Schrader enlisted a range of safety and industry experts to discuss the implementation and impact of TPMS. These include Jackie Glassman, who served as chief counsel at the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) when the Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability and Documentation (TREAD) Act, which mandated TPMS for all vehicles in the United States, was passed.

Industry association executives, environmental journalists and other experts also appear on the site, highlighting the safety, economic and environmental benefits of TPMS.

“It was important to us to engage diverse voices to provide the industry with the information, tools and resources it needs to make sound business decisions and to communicate about TPMS with customers,” Wacker said.

Sean McKinnon, director of Automotive Training Development at the Tire Industry Association, also is featured on the site. During his comments, he reiterates the importance of customer communication. “The goal in effectively educating the public about TPMS is to make it real. When the consumer sees the TPMS telltale illuminate on their vehicle, they need to know to, number one, stop, check their air pressure and immediately get to a tire dealer so that condition can be addressed.”

Designed for consumers, provides detailed information about TPMS and the importance of maintaining proper tire pressure. Drivers also can learn the specific steps to take if their TPMS light illuminates, and calculate how much money proper tire pressure can save them at the pump every year. The aftermarket and OEM communities also can use the site as a resource for customer information or direct customers to the site.

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