Schrader® Announces Groundbreaking Enhancement to Its Award-Winning EZ-sensor®

New all-in-one technology accelerates TPMS service and repair for aftermarket service providers

Denver, CO (October 20, 2014) – Today, Schrader International, the leading global manufacturer of sensing and valve solutions, continues to redefine the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) landscape by announcing an enhancement to its award-winning EZ-sensor® solution. For the first time, aftermarket retailers and service professionals now have access to an all-in-one, fully programmable, single OE-replacement TPMS sensor that covers more than 92 percent of TPMS fitted vehicles in North America.

This new game-changing enhancement dramatically reduces inventory requirements for aftermarket retailers and boosts the speed and accuracy of servicing TPMS-equipped vehicles. Through just one, infinitely scalable EZ-sensor® part number, aftermarket businesses can quickly service the more than 104 million TPMS-equipped vehicles on the road.

The new EZ-sensor® combines Schrader's 315 and 433 MHz EZ-sensor® (Part #32000, #33000) into a single part number (#34000). Meanwhile, other competitive “pre-programmed” sensors still currently require as many as four to six SKUs, with additional SKUs needed when new OEM platforms are added. This results in increased inventory and search time for specific parts.

EZ-sensor® is also easily programmed (in under 20 seconds) with leading handheld diagnostic/programming tools from the most respected names in TPMS, such as Bartec® and ATEQ®. These are the same diagnostic tools required for any TPMS-related service, as well as to perform the industry best practice of “Test Before Touch.” This results in minimized installation time and no extra investment in additional tools for service and repair facilities.

With an ever-changing TPMS environment, customers can rest easy knowing the TPMS technology within Schrader’s EZ-sensor® is the same as within millions of sensors provided to global OEMs for their new vehicles. The ability to integrate OEM protocols, specifications and new TPMS feature sets into all Schrader sensors continues to be a clear competitive advantage and has proven difficult to replicate by competitors. Unlike anything else on the market, EZ-sensor® embedded TPMS technology is future-proofed in support of evolving OEM technologies, such as Wireless Auto-Location, and new consumer-oriented features such as Pressure-By-Position displays and Tire Fill Alert, a feature that chirps the car horn and flashes the lights when proper pressure is achieved while airing up.

“Schrader remains the clear leader at the forefront of the global TPMS evolution,” said Hugh Charvat, president and CEO. “New groundbreaking capabilities like our dual-banded EZ-sensor® are imperative to the continued rapid growth of TPMS for service and repair businesses. We’re excited to support our customers, partners and distributors as they continue to accelerate their TPMS business with a solution that our competition can’t match.”

In 2010, Schrader launched the EZ-sensor®, the automotive industry’s first patented and programmable TPMS replacement sensor. Since then, EZ-sensor® has won multiple Frost & Sullivan® awards for quality, reliability, price and value leadership, and has become a leading choice for service and repair professionals throughout the aftermarket industry.

“Our EZ-sensor® technology changed the way the aftermarket industry handles TPMS installation and repair,” said Frank Frederick, vice president of North American Aftermarket for Schrader. “Ease-of-use is critical for the efficiency and profitability of our customer-partners, and now we’ve made it that much better with a single EZ-sensor® supporting all TPMS vehicles.”

With the global adoption of TPMS firmly underway, including legislation in place in Europe and Asian-Pacific countries following close behind, the need for continued innovation and education is at an all-time high. Based on a recent Schrader consumer driver survey, while 96% believed that proper tire pressure and an automatic warning was critical to their driving safety, only 58 percent of drivers could accurately identify the TPMS dashboard warning symbol when shown. Schrader remains a key fixture of this technology and education movement, with more than 50 percent of global OEM vehicle platforms utilizing Schrader’s direct TPMS technology, along with thousands of repair facilities in the Aftermarket.

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About Schrader

Schrader is the leading global manufacturer of sensing and valve solutions for automotive and industrial leaders, delivering solutions that protect and perform. Schrader manufacturers a diverse range of sensing and valve components, and is a pioneer in tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), a vehicle safety feature that is now standard on all cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. and growing in use globally. Schrader's direct TPMS technology can be found in over 50% of global OEM vehicle platforms with more than 275 million Schrader sensors currently produced and installed. Schrader is also widely known as the inventor of the industry-standard pneumatic tire valve − the very same valve used on every motor vehicle in the world today.

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