Schrader Drives TPMS Best Practices with Training & Educational Program Expansion in 2014

Tire pressure monitoring systems training initiatives are cornerstone of company leadership in the aftermarket service and repair industry

DENVER, CO (February 11, 2014) – Schrader International, the leading global manufacturer of sensing and valve solutions, announces the expansion of its educational, awareness and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) training programs. Following a significant 45 percent increase of individuals trained in 2013 (5,971 people trained) compared to 2012 (4,120 people trained), Schrader plans to continue this growth in 2014. In fact, Schrader’s training programs have been a major resource in helping its customer-partners service the more than 104 million TPMS-equipped vehicles currently on North American roadways.

As part of these dedicated training programs, Schrader promotes awareness of and education on the importance of TPMS to its aftermarket service and repair customers, as well as directly to consumer drivers. In 2013 alone, this included 195 specialized training events, as well as execution of Schrader’s “Make the EZ-Choice” Roadshow that featured two dedicated Schrader trainers traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada to more than 30 destinations, training hundreds of professionals on how to quickly and easily replace TPMS sensors and service packs with Schrader TPMS replacement technology.

Additionally, Schrader’s online e-learning and video-based training is an option for its customer-partners. In 2014, Schrader will expand its online training presence through the introduction of a year-long webcast series, consisting of guidance covering all facets of TPMS service and repair, including: profitability, sensor and service pack replacement, operational best practices, in-store consumer awareness, and many other essential TPMS-related topics.

"At Schrader, we believe a key element to our leading position in the TPMS aftermarket is the passion and time we invest in our training programs to help our customers drive efficient and profitable TPMS services, as well as help boost consumer awareness at the store level,” said Hugh Charvat, president and CEO of Schrader. “As an organization, Schrader consistently strives to create new and different avenues and resources for technicians, channel partners and business owners to accelerate their ongoing knowledge in TPMS service and repair."

Schrader’s dedicated trainers place a strong emphasis on teaching the proper techniques and best-practice maintenance procedures surrounding TPMS, ensuring that correct steps are followed each and every time a TPMS-equipped vehicle is serviced. A cornerstone of Schrader’s training success is the level of expertise and hands-on teaching its trainers provide. Beyond their own company training initiatives, Schrader also offers TPMS experts and trainers as a resource for customers who want to initiate personalized training and development for their employees. Schrader trainers often conduct multi-week, nationwide TPMS educational tours on behalf of customers seeking support, including everything from custom seminars, public relations outreach, individual ride-alongs and direct engagements with technicians and customer sales and service teams. For more information on Schrader, please visit Additionally, to learn more about the importance of TPMS, visit Schrader’s 3-in-1 Website: (for drivers), (for the aftermarket), and (for Original Equipment vehicle manufacturers).

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