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Schrader’s leadership position in the Aftermarket service & repair channel offers additional growth opportunities for Sensata Technologies

Denver, CO (October 15, 2014) – Sensata Technologies Holding N.V. (NYSE: ST) recently announced the acquisition of tire pressure monitoring sensor (TPMS) leader Schrader International. The acquisition gives Sensata a lead position in the global TPMS market and enhances their overall low pressure sensing range capabilities for original equipment vehicle manufacturers (OEM).

Additionally, the acquisition provides Sensata access to Schrader’s well-established presence in the Aftermarket service and repair channel. This includes Schrader’s complete TPMS portfolio of replacement sensors (such as Schrader’s patented and programmable EZ-sensor®), service packs, diagnostic and handheld tools, air compressors and air accessories, and tire hardware product lines. It also offers growth opportunities to leverage the Aftermarket channel for additional Sensata products. Sensata has diverse automotive original equipment capabilities across pressure, position, speed and temperature sensing.

“Schrader’s aftermarket expertise offers us tremendous upside with their current positioning, customer base, product portfolio and distribution routes. We believe there are growth opportunities for specific products within the Sensata sensing range that can be leveraged in the global aftermarket,” said Steve Beringhause, Senior Vice President of Sensata Technologies Sensor Group. “I would like to thank Hugh Charvat for building and leading a very talented team at Schrader who we are now excited to welcome into Sensata.”

“Our aftermarket customers will continue to benefit not only from the increased demand for TPMS service and repair, but also from the clear Schrader brand reputation for quality, hands-on training and technical innovation,” said Frank Frederick, vice president of sales and marketing for the North American aftermarket. “It also opens up additional opportunities for Sensata to leverage Schrader’s long-standing investment in our customer base, aftermarket infrastructure and overall team.”

TPMS continues to grow globally as an important and standard safety system, similar to seat belts and air bags. Legislation continues to drive the global TPMS market forward with legislation already in place in the United States, Europe, Russia, South Korea and remaining major markets such as China, Japan and India having proposed legislation. Consumer-oriented TPMS feature sets are evolving as well, with vehicle manufacturers integrating advanced pressure-by-position dashboard displays, new options such as tire fill alert (horn chirp and lights flash when proper pressure is achieved while airing up), as well as Schrader auto-location technology which assists in the overall system design. These OEM-driven advances are based on Schrader’s underlying direct TPMS technology, which benefits drivers and technicians alike as these features flow into the Aftermarket.

For more than 170 years, Schrader has been the global leader in the design and manufacturing of valve, mechanical and electronic system components and sensing technologies. Schrader has been recognized by many government organizations for its commitment to innovation, quality and safety, and the company won its second Frost & Sullivan® Leadership Award for TPMS in both OEM and aftermarket channels in 2013.

For more information on Schrader, please visit Additionally, to learn more about the importance of TPMS, visit Schrader’s 3-in-1 Website: drivers),  (for the aftermarket) and (for original equipment vehicle manufacturers).

Media Contact:

Paul Wise
Director – Corporate Communications
Schrader International, Inc., now part of Sensata Technologies
(303) 801-0434

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