EZ-sensor™ Expands Coverage

Schrader EZ-sensor™ Expands Coverage Across Leading Vehicle Brands

Schrader® EZ-sensor™ Expands Coverage Across Leading Vehicle Brands

DENVER, Co. (March 14, 2011) – Schrader®, a pioneer and leading global manufacturer of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), today announced expanded coverage for the company’s innovative EZ-sensor technology, the automotive industry’s first patented OE-replacement TPMS sensor that can be programmed to function across diverse car makes and models. With this announcement, EZ-sensor® now covers over 62 percent of TPMS-enabled vehicles in the U.S. – over 30 million vehicles – including new support for vehicle platforms such as Dodge®, Jeep® and expanded coverage for existing platforms like Ford®, Chrysler®, Honda®, GM®, Chevrolet®, Mazda®, Toyota® and Nissan®.

“With over 1.4 million actual operating road miles completed, EZ-sensor® is clearly the industry-tested and proven technology of choice,” said Hugh Charvat, President of Schrader International. “Schrader continues to extend its commitment to the aftermarket community by further broadening support for vehicle platforms and by continually simplifying and streamlining the TPMS repair process.”

Launched in November 2010 and created via a strategic alliance between Schrader and Bartec®, the market leader in TPMS diagnostic tools, EZ-sensor® is the first truly programmable and patented Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor, designed with the goal of replacing 90 percent of TPMS sensors fitted to U.S. vehicles by the end of 2011. The programmable EZ-sensor® simplifies the TPMS replacement process, dramatically reduces the costs of inventory, and lowers costs for aftermarket service and repair centers.“A key differentiator is that Schrader’s EZ-sensor® can replicate the OEM sensor technology that is initially installed into all new vehicles in the U.S., offering the same fit, form and function,” said Scot Holloway, General Manager, Bartec USA. “For the majority of customers, this means that no extra investment in tools is required and that they will maintain current processes for programming the EZ-sensor®.”

Additional unique benefits of the programmable EZ-sensor® as compared to other multi-application or pre-programmed sensors include:

  • Ease-of-use and Scalability: EZ-sensor® only requires a single programming tool that most repair facilities already use to service TPMS vehicles, and is infinitely scalable with new vehicle models every year with only 2 SKUs. There are more than 260 million sensors in operation today, more than half are Schrader OEM sensors, and more than half are over 3 years old. These vehicles will all need sensor replacement over the near term.
  • Accuracy and Precision: Because it can replicate Schrader OEM sensor technology, the handheld tool used to scan, program, and activate the EZ-sensor® will accurately display pressure, sensor ID information and much more. This is critically important as no manual intervention, keystrokes, or additional reference tasks by the technician are needed. Additionally, many vehicles require higher pressure range capabilities that exceed what multi-application sensors can currently support.
  • Reduced Inventory: When new vehicle models and coverage become available, technicians can simply update the programming tool as has always been done, versus having to purchase additional SKUs of replacement sensors.
  • Decreased Installation-time: Featuring Schrader’s patented Snap-In valve, TPMS programming technology, and matching service packs, EZ-sensor® further minimizes installation time. In fact, an individual EZ-sensor® can be fully programmed with Sensor ID & proper protocol information in less than 1 minute.

Since congress passed the Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountabil­ity and Documentation (TREAD) Act in the fall of 2000, mandated TPMS technology is fully embedded in all new automobiles in the U.S. and is a key service offering for aftermarket retailers. To learn more about TPMS technology, please visit Schrader’s comprehensive online TPMS resource for drivers and the industry. A three-in-one website, TPMSMadeSimple.com (for drivers), TPMSMadeEasy.com (for the Aftermarket), TPMSMadeRight.com (for OEs) address audience-specific TPMS needs.

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