EZ-sensor® Coverage Grows

Schrader Continues to Expand EZ-sensor™ Coverage With the Addition of Leading Vehicle Brands

Schrader® Continues to Expand EZ-sensor™ Coverage With the Addition of Leading Vehicle Brands

DENVER, Colo. (June 27, 2011) – Schrader®, a pioneer and leading global manufacturer of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), today announced enhanced platform coverage for the company’s innovative EZ-sensor technology, the automotive industry’s first patented OEM-replacement TPMS sensor that can be programmed to function across diverse car makes and models. Nearing the company’s goal of reaching 90% coverage by the end of 2011, EZ-sensor® now covers more than 65% percent of the estimated 65 million TPMS-enabled vehicles in the U.S. In addition to existing coverage across a wide spectrum of popular platforms, including Ford®, GM®, Chrysler®, Dodge®, Jeep®, Chevrolet®, Honda®, Mazda®, Toyota® and Nissan® , EZ-sensor® now includes three new vehicle platforms, including Mitsubishi®, Suzuki® and Subaru®.

“Since launching EZ-sensor® in the fall of last year, we’ve continued to rapidly add leading vehicle brands to our coverage and are closing in on our goal of 90 percent coverage by approximately the end of this year,” said Paul Wise, director of product line marketing and management, Schrader. “More importantly, our customers are now fully utilizing the EZ-sensor® solution. We’ve done vigorous testing to ensure that EZ-sensor® not only meets industry standards and can be confidently used by the aftermarket, but outperforms the other various replacement sensor offerings currently in the market.”

In addition to conducting extensive in-lab testing of EZ-sensor®, Schrader has extended the on-road testing process by equipping Las Vegas cabs, fleet units and employee vehicles with EZ-sensor®. Including the existing set of customers utilizing the product since the November 2010 launch, EZ-sensor® now has well over 2.2 million operating road miles completed.

“No other TPMS aftermarket product can offer the ease-of-use, scalability, and compatibility with up to 8 different hand-held scan/programming tools that EZ-sensor® provides, let alone true OEM-sensor functionality in a replacement sensor,” said Scot Holloway, general manager, Bartec USA, which supplies the hand-held tools that are used to program the individual EZ-sensor®.

Schrader will continue to expand coverage to additional legacy Schrader OEM sensors throughout the course of 2011, and will offer support for platforms such as Hyundai®, Kia®, VMW®, Audi® and BMW®.

About EZ-sensor®

Launched in November 2010 and created via a strategic alliance between Schrader and Bartec®, the market leader in TPMS diagnostic tools, EZ-sensor® is the first truly programmable and patented Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor, designed with the goal of replacing 90 percent of TPMS sensors fitted to U.S. vehicles. The programmable EZ-sensor® simplifies the TPMS replacement process, dramatically reduces the inventory investment, and lowers overall costs for aftermarket service and repair centers.

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