TPMS Retrofit Kit

Retrofit Kit

Schrader offers a solar-powered TPMS retrofit kit for passenger cars and light trucks that are not equipped with TPMS system from the manufacturer. The solar-powered display provides pressure and temperature readings in real-time.

Included in the Box:

  • 1 TPMS display
  • Premium OE quality sensors
  • 1 adhesive sticker
  • 1 sensor mounting instruction
  • 1 display manual

Weight: 1000 grams

EAN Code: 5054208007106                             

Compatible Sensor: 3094

The Schrader Retrofit Kit makes it quick and easy to add Schrader’s OE quality TPMS to passenger vehicles that did not come equipped with the TPMS system from the manufacturer.

Sleek display and additional features:

  • Wireless and solar-powered system
  • Audio and visual warning strategy based on the European TPMS legislation 
  • Individual axle placard settings
  • Real-time tyre pressure and temperature monitoring in all 4 tyres (extendable up to 6 tyres)
  • Can detect under-inflation of 20% or more